Art Direction
Brand Design


While working with Hixme as their Art Director, I was in charge of creating the entire visual aesthetic. There was a solid foundation of brand that had been already established, but many of the elements had yet to be finely tuned; Illustration style, Iconography, Photography, and marketing palette. 


Illustration Style

Hixme celebrates the individual. They feel that each person deserves to have healthcare that fits their exact needs. We wanted this inclusive and unique belief to come across loud and clear though the illustrations. 


The icons were an important part of the Product due to the subject matter; Healthcare. Most people have a hard time understanding much of the terminology, let alone grasping a new model. We wanted the icons to be  clear, warm, and informational. 

Dept. Patches

We wanted to create a set of department patches that would help create a fun sense of community between each group. We also built out patches for employees that were apart of each Series Investment rounds as well as those who participated in the company Triathlon fitness program.